After a day of partying too hard at the lake, Dave came to my rescue! Fast, professional, and efficient- Dave had me feeling better almost immediately. Highly recommend Vivid Hydration!

Kamren Chrisco

Called vivid hydration for a quick IV. Within 30 min Dave was at my house hooking up my vitamin infusion.

Jennifer Crigler

Dave was amazing he took his time to listen to what I needed , he was kind and may me
Feel at ease. The IV therapy was just what I needed and I will be doing again . I felt better as soon as like 10 mins in will be doing it again soon ..


I've had a seemingly never ending migraine for over two weeks. After an ER visit that didn't do much help, I used the Myer's Cocktail from VIVID as an "it definitely can't hurt" resort and let me tell you, it definitely didn't hurt! My migraine has let up and Dave was quick and painless. Will recommend and use again for even the slightest of ailments!

Kendall Chrisco

Dave, was excellent!! He got out to Warrenton within 30 minutes! Very professional and got my significant other feeling better so quickly! I cannot thank him enough for all he did!! We WILL ALWAYS use him!!!

McKenna Jones

VIVID hydration is AMAZING! I ended up getting dehydrated from being on the lake all day. I gave VIVID hydration a call and they came to my rescue. I was back on the lake in no time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Mike Danielson

Great service. Dave comes to you to provide fluids. Very nice and convenient. My wife had been sick and was dehydrated. An ER visit would have cost hundreds, but Dave came to our home and gave her a fluids for a fraction of the cost.

john siegel

After 2 long hard fought days of boating and acting 21 again at the Lake of the Ozarks we used vivid hydration. Dave was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly he made us all feel better. Hangover was much more manageable and i could still feel the positive effects of the IV treatment for several days afterwards. I would highly recommend this service!!! Thanks Vivid Hydration!!!

andy johnson

I had a drip today after a weekend of partying, and I can't tell you how much better I'm feeling! Twelve hours later and I'm still on top of the world. I wish I could do this everyday! So worth the fee to feel like a superhuman.

Miranda Clark

Normatec freeze pants really helped my recovery..any athlete looking for a quick recovery call vivid!

Brent Stenslokken

I Have Recommended This Service To Every Person That's Been Willing To Listen!! I Work Outside and Have Needed Dave To Come Visit Me Twice Now!! Super Professional, Very Easy To Talk To, Super Solid Guy With An Amazing Service That Is Truly Needed Down Here On The Lake!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Jay Harrill

I have used several times and they are always easy to work with and the appointments fit into my schedule. Very fast service and the nurses are so nice and helpful. I do IV Infusions for medical reasons and the company and nurses are very professional.

Stephanie Capstick

Dave administered a fat burning drip and b12 shot for me today. Super friendly, and easy process. I left feeling great, and can't wait to enjoy the results over the next 3-4 weeks!

Hannah Delgadillo

Dave administered the fatburner IV drip, and I can feel the effects almost immediately. Ready for a busy week and to feel energized and knowing that this keeps my cravings in check! If your considering IV therapy, do it!

Beth Maddock

I had "wine flu." I had an IV and felt better within just a few minutes! Life saver!

Becky Zemlicka

Supper cool host. Very professional and clean. Friendly and fun personality.

Jason McCleary

Greg is great and the service provided is top notch!!

Rick Pender

Super quick, super easy and painless. Great value!

Ashlynn Zemlicka